December 14 2017

Final Weekend to Select your Real Tree for the 2017 Season. We still have a good supply of Canaan, Korean, Nordmann and Turkish Firs as well as Myer Spruce to choose from.
OPEN: Fri to Sun 9 to 4:30
Firs $60 and Spruce $50 for any size tree
Payment: Cash or Check
Yes dog are welcome

I would like to thank the hundreds of returning and new customers who choose Highland Plantation for their Christmas Tree this year. Next years supply looks very good and we should start having more trees in the 9' range.

December 10 2017
Photos from Highland Plantation Christmas Tree Farm

Photos from Highland Plantation Christmas Tree Farm's post

We finally had some Snow yesterday. So today customers are enjoying the experience of selecting their Real Christmas Tree in Winters Wonderland.

December 8 2017

For those waiting for Snow in the forecast before getting your Real Christmas Tree. Your wish has been granted. We should be getting enough Snow Saturday to make a Winter Wonderland but still be able to get around.
We still have a great selection of Canaan Fir, Korean Fir, Nordmann Fir, Turkish Fir, Myer Spruce and one Norway Spruce. I'm not sure where the Norway came from.
Open this weekend: Friday to Sunday 9 - 4:30
Price range: $50 for Spruces and $60 for Firs (Any Size)
Size up to 8 foot

November 29 2017

Our Customers had excellent weather Thanksgiving weekend to select their Real Christmas Tree. This weekend is looking very good as well. We still have an ample supply of up to 8' trees and the customers have been commenting on how pleased they are with the quality and quantity to choose from.

We receive many phone calls requesting basic information so let me take a moment and answer the most frequent;
Q: What is your price range?
A: Myer Spruce $50, Canaan, Korean, Nordmann and Turkish Fir $60 for  

November 17 2017

One week to go before we start welcoming back families to select and cut their Real Christmas Tree. The forecast for opening day Nov 24th is 43 degrees, partly sunny and only 10% chance of rain. Should be an excellent start for this Christmas Season.

November 15 2017

November 5 2017

With the Christmas Season fast approaching I thought an update on Highland Plantation may be appropriate.
The growing season was very good this year. The trees are healthy, larger, beautiful and most of all the supply is plentiful.
We improved the tree netting process by separating the two existing machines so they can be run independently. Then for the extra tall and wide ones, I designed and built a new machine  which compresses the tree for wrapping.
As a reminder to those on our mailing list,  

August 15 2017

Highland Plantation Christmas Tree Farm updated their cover photo.